The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

June 2007

Photos by Phyllis Mains



Aufeis on the Kongakute River at Caribou Pass, Demarcation Point,
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge



Glacier Avens, flowers up to 4 cm in diameter; its pinnate leaves are
shaggy with long, silky hairs and dotted our tundra landscape.



Unnamed creek in Gates of the Arctic Preserve just across from Atigun
River Gorge, Arctic Refuge.



Group of Porcupine Caribou resting on aufeis on the Kongakute River,
to escape insects.



Three curious young caribou who came close to get a look at humans,
which most likely, they have never seen.



The march of a Porcupine Caribou herd during migration.


Arctic Dryad, (white flower) territorial flower of the North West
Territories and covered huge areas of the tundra in the Arctic Refuge.



View of Philip Smith Mountains in the Brooks Range across from the
most western border of the Arctic Refuge.



View of the Coastal Plain and the Arctic Ocean as seen from a high