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Iowa City Area Group Contacts

Calendar of Events for the Iowa City Area Group
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Iowa City Area Group

The Iowa City Area Group (ICAG) serves Sierra Club members in Johnson County, Iowa as well as the surrounding counties of Washington, Iowa, Cedar, and Keokuk. All ICAG programs are conducted by volunteer activists.

Executive Committee

The ICAG's governing board is the Executive Committee (ExCom) which meets quarterly. We invite you to attend the next ExCom meeting, and help advance the environmental cause where you live.

Mike Carberry, Chair

2029 Friendship St.
Iowa City IA 52245
Phone: 319-338-8820
Mobile: 319-594-6453

Louise Murray, Treasurer

Jim Baker, Conservation Chair

Ed Heffron, Fundraising/Calendar Sales Chair
Barbara Beaumont, Membership Chair
Marybeth Slonneger, Newsletter Editor

Therese Guedon, Outings Co-Chair
319-339-4455 (E-mail on weekdays only.)
Jae-Jae Spoon, Political Co-Chair
Don Alton

Public Meetings

The ICAG holds program meetings or events -- open to the public -- approximately quarterly. Please consult our newsletter, or contact any Sierra Club leader listed here for the date, time, and place of our next public meeting.


The Iowa City Area Group maintains a website which you are invited to visit at: Please direct any suggestions, concerns, or questions about our website to our Webmaster:

James Trepka

Paul Vollmers

Iowa City Sierran

The Iowa City Sierran, the newsletter of the Iowa City Area Group, is published quarterly as an insert in the Iowa Chapter newsletter.

We invite submissions of articles (especially on conservation), photographs (especially digital), and illustrations. Deadlines for 2007 are:
 February 10 for the spring issue, May 10 for the summer issue, August 10 for the autumn issue, and November 10 for the winter issue.

Please send your submissions, comments, questions, or complaints to our editor: Marybeth Slonneger, Newsletter Editor

Local Friendly Links
Alternatives - The Eco Friendly Store 323 E. Market St. Iowa City ph. 337-4124 Send e-mail for newsletter!
I-Renew .. Iowa Renewable Energy Association, P.O.Box 355,Muscatine, IA 52761 , phone 319-288-2552
Environmental Advocates -A Johnson county grassroots organization.

Lake Macbride Water Sports Safety Group
P. O. Box 446, Solon, IA 52333

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