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Calendar of Events for 2011

Calendar of Events for the Iowa City Area Group
The Newspaper of the Iowa City Area Group


See also Outings for hiking, canoeing, camping, and other outdoor adventures!!!


Iowa City Area Group Celebrates Earth Day on April 23 (Saturday) at F. W. Kent Park


The mission statement of the Sierra Club begins: ďTo explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth . . .Ē Celebrating Earth Day, 2011, we will concentrate on the first two verbs. Please join us on Saturday, April 23, (admittedly thatís the day after the official date of Earth Day), for a potluck lunch and a hike at our premier local tract of protected Nature, F. W. Kent Park in western Johnson County.


For the potluck, please bring a dish to share with 6-8 people. Spoons, forks, knives, plates, bowls, cups, and beverages (No alcohol!) are bring your own. We are trying to schedule a presentation by the Johnson County Conservation Board following the meal. The potluck lunch happens no matter what the weather.


Then, weather and conditions permitting, we will take a hike of approximately 5 miles on a loop of trails rambling over the eastern half of F. W. Kent Park. Several wetlands and springtime should combine for excellent birding. We should also see some early wildflowers. So bring your bin≠oculars, camera, and/or favorite nature guidebook(s). Mud on the trails is likely, so please wear hiking boots (or shoes that you donít mind push≠ing, possibly fatally, through the muck). In addition, you need to have your rain parka and a canteen of water in your daypack.


If the sky is clear, grab some dinner, change into some warm clothes, and then return to F. W. Kent Park at 8:30 p.m. to explore and enjoy the ultimate wilderness, outer space. We will observe the nighttime heavens with our naked eyes and the outing leaderís telescope. (If you own one, please consider yourself invited to bring your scope, but donít feel obligated to share it with the group.) The presentation during the stargazing session will be geared to astronomy beginners of all ages. Caution: Some people report a life-altering experience when they look at M13 or M51 for the first time.


Lunch and the festivities begin at noon on Saturday, April 23, at the Bob White Shelter in F. W. Kent Park, located on U.S. 6 west of Tiffin. For carpooling, please meet at 11:30 a.m. in the Lantern Park Plaza (the largest stores in which are Hy-Vee and Hobby Lobby) at the intersection of 2nd St. (U.S. 6) and 22nd Ave. in Coralville. We will gather in the parking lot roughly midway between the Hy-Vee Gas station and the Two Rivers Bank.


Again the potluck lunch will take place rain or shine. The public and, of course, all Sierra Club members are warmly invited to join us at our Earth Day celebration. For more information, please contact Jim Baker at 319-688-9853 or

 See also Outings for hiking, canoeing, camping, and other outdoor adventures!!!

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Fall trees shine in gold colors at Macbride Nature and Recreation Area near Iowa City

Fall Trees at MacBride Nature and Recreation Area
near Iowa City


Sierrans enjoying the Fall sunshine at the Lake Macbride overflow falls

A couple of Sierrans
enjoying the Lake MacBride
Overflow Falls on a sunny
Early Autumn Day.

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