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Thank you for being a Sierra Club member.   You have chosen to join in the constant work of protecting the natural land and life that lives on it. We would like you to consider energizing your local group “Iowa City Area Group” by participating in one of the committees listed below.  It’s a great way to meet fellow members, promote a specific area of concern, and offer your skills.

You may use the email addresses and phone numbers listed below for more information. 

Committees of Iowa City Area Group:  current lead:  description

Group Chair: Tom Carsner 338-9335  Please contact the group chair if you are interested in helping with any activites listed below.

Secretary: Anne Marie Kraus 337-8260 : records executive committee minutes.

Treasurer: Louise Murray  351-1655 : maintains checkbook.

Conservation: Jim Baker 688-9853 identify worthwhile areas needing protection. Organizes donations or services.

Fundraising & Calendar Sales Chair: Ed Heffron 351-1655 fundraising for the Iowa City Area Group.

Iowa Chapter Delegate: Mike Carberry 594-6453 mikecarberry@GMAIL.COM 

Membership: Barbara Beaumont 626-6227 : invite members to actively participate. 

Newsletter: Marybeth Slonneger 354-8700 : preps our newsletter for quarterly publication.

Outings:  open: promote outdoor activities.  Please contact group chair if you are interested in leading any outings.

Political open: : promote the election of pro-environment candidates and raise awareness about environmental issues among the public and decision-makers.  Please contact group chair if you are interested in leading any outings.

Program Chair: Robin Enfield 321-1355  Schedule speakers, movies, etc.

Publicity: open:  contact local media to update them about club activities. Please contact group chair if you are interested.

Webmaster: Jim Trepka 338-0005 : update our website.

We hope you enjoy our meetings, outings, and newsletters. But these do not occur by themselves.  It takes the participation of our membership. I invite you to consider joining a committee, if you have not already done so.  It only takes a few days per year.

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