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Elwood Garlock
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-- Chili Lunch and Auction --

Outdoor gear at a great price? Come to Indian Creek Nature Center on Saturday, November 22rd from noon until 2pm. Shop the most unique auction around and come hungry! $6 lets you sample a variety of chilis and desserts made by members of the Cedar Wapsie Chapter of the Sierra Club. Then browse through and bid on a variety of gently-used outdoor gear to take home. The Sierra Club and Nature Center annually sponsor this silent auction of outdoor gear to recycle items gathering dust in attics or basements and get them to people who will put them to use. More items are needed, deliver donated items to the Nature Center any time after November 1. Proceeds benefit the Cedar Wapsie Chapter of the Sierra Club and Indian Creek Nature Center. For more info, call the Nature Center at 319-362-0664 or check online:

-- Raptor Center Tour --

Join us at McBride Raptor Center for a program on the raptors and a fun time cross country skiing and snowshoeing, or a hike—followed by a fire, hot chocolate and snacks. Bring your own equipment if you have some, and we’ll have some available for folks who don’t. Contact Connie for more info: connie., or 319-533-6529

-- Issues of Concern --

No building in the flood plain

The proposed Cedar Rapids levee system should protect both sides of the river, should include upstream wetland restoration, and should protect the Cedar Rapids sewage treatment system

Outdoor wood boilers banned, in order to protect public health

Sensitive area ordinance, to protect the natural areas in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids policies should promote infill, rather than building on the outskirts

Dismantling Sixth Street Coal plant should include removing the coal-ash ponds and cleaning up the pollutants

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By Senator Rob Hogg
Climate action was not a losing message in the elections. For US Senate, six strong leaders for climate action were elected: Gary Peters (Michigan), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Jeff Merkley (Oregon), Brian Schatz (Hawaii), Tom Udall (New Mexico), and Al Franken (Minnesota). In a Congressional race in Nebraska, Republican Representative Lee Terry – that state’s leading advocate for the Keystone pipeline – was defeated. But with the new Republican majority in the US Senate, there is a belief that environmental laws must be weakened or repealed to make way for so-called economic growth. Despite Lee Terry’s loss, one of the first targets on the GOP list is the Keystone pipeline. That makes our efforts to speak up for climate action more important than ever. Make sure your elected officials understand we already have too much greenhouse gas pollution in our atmosphere. Let’s draw a red line in the atmosphere and commit to stopping the buildup of greenhouse gases before 2030. Reach out to community leaders, community groups, and the news media to educate them about the dangers of climate change as well as the climate solutions that work. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join the Sierra Club and other groups that are leading the way for climate action and environmental protection. Personal action continues to be important because it shows that the solutions work. At home, at work, and in your community, you can conserve energy, prepare for extreme weather, divest from fossil fuels, and invest in clean energy. Climate solutions – like energy efficiency, wind, and solar – create jobs, save consumers money, and protect health and the environment. With sustained education about the importance of the environment and climate action, we can elect candidates and adopt laws that will improve health, broaden prosperity, and safeguard our people and property from the effects of climate change. Here is the contact information from the Secretary of State’s office for our newly elected and re-elected federal representatives:
Senator-Elect Joni Ernst
910 N. 6th Street
Red Oak, IA 51566
(712) 621-4931

Representative-Elect Rod Blum
11361 Oakland Farms Road
Dubuque, IA 52003
(563) 580-3916

Representative Dave Loebsack
326 N. Westminster St.
Iowa City, IA 52245
(319) 804-9218

(Contact Connnie Lehman for details on Calendar Events)

November 22, 2014
Chili Luncheon and Silent Auction
See note in center column for more information

January 10, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Raptor Center Tour
See note in center column for more information.

February 6 - 8, 2015
Overnight in cabin at Backbone State Park.
More information to follow.

March 21, 2015
Annual Dinner
More information to follow.

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