Ask Congress to Restore the Clean Water Act!

The Midwest's streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands are in jeopardy.  Recent Supreme Court decisions have weakened the Clean Water Act, allowing an estimated 10,000 water bodies to lose federal pollution protection.  Unless Congress acts quickly to restore the Clean Water Act, more streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands will risk unregulated pollution and outright destruction. 

In Iowa alone, more than 62% of streams and up to 72% of the state’s prairie pothole wetlands could lose CWA safeguards.

This Earth Day, do your part to protect our nation's water.  Write your members of Congress and urge them to support the Clean Water Restoration Act.

This link will open a new window to Iowa's Congressional delegation contact information.

Sample letter:
Please help pass a Clean Water Restoration Act to restore critical protections to Iowa's & our  nation's streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands.  As a result of Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006, streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands once protected under the Clean Water Act for over thirty years have lost important federal pollution protection. The safety and future of our nation's water depends on your vote. 
Without a Clean Water Restoration Act, protection for our nation's smaller streams and wetlands is no longer guaranteed. 
Even small streams provide drinking water for millions of people.  The recent re-interpretation of the Clean Water Act has made these drinking water supplies vulnerable to unregulated pollution. 
Destroying wetlands threatens public safety.  Wetlands are an essential protection against flood damage.  Each year, wetlands in the continental U.S. are estimated to save more than $30 billion in flood damage repair costs.  Without a Clean Water Restoration Act, 20 million acres of wetlands are at risk of being drained, filled, paved or otherwise destroyed - destroying their flood protection value at the same time.
Fish, waterfowl and wildlife populations are losing key habitat as more and more wetlands are destroyed under this interpretation of the law.  Most of our nation's wetlands have already been destroyed.  Those that remain provide a vital ecological function.  According to Ducks Unlimited, 76% of the remaining wetlands in the prairie pothole region and up to 90% of the remaining wetlands in the Great Lakes could no longer be protected by the Clean Water Act.  Losing these wetlands could mean losing $122 billion of fish and wildlife recreation expenditures as well.
Without a Clean Water Restoration Act, almost 60% of the nation's streams and rivers and millions of acres of wetlands could risk unregulated pollution and outright destruction.
Only Congress can correct the Supreme Court's decision to weaken the Clean Water Act.  Please protect our nation's waters and vote to restore the Clean Water Act protections that Congress originally intended.