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General Motors to Enter All-Electric Market

General Motors will begin selling the Chevrolet Spark in 2012 as a gasoline-powered subcompact and the all-electric battery powered Spark will be available in 2013.  Find out more.


Healthy Growth Calculator

Explore the consequences to your community of your decisions, and their fairness to all residents – including those who can no longer drive, or those who would rather walk or take public transit for some trips.

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How Big Box Stores like Wal-Mart Effect the Environment and Communities

"Big Box" stores like Wal-Mart threaten our landscape, our communities and the environment by building on the fringe of town, paving vast areas for stores and parking lots, and undermining the economic health of existing downtown shopping areas. These mega-stores are proliferating at an alarming rate, with the world's largest corporation, Wal-Mart, being the leading example of Big Box developments that contribute to sprawl in our communities.  Learn more here...


Population Growth and Suburban Sprawl

Learn more about the complex relationship between planning policies and population growth here...


Fixing Roads and Bridges First

Fix It First! One in four bridges nationwide is in bad shape and in need of repair. Our roads are also suffering, with one in six interstate miles in need of repair. For families and commuters, these rocky roads and rickety bridges create major safety problems. Instead of fixing what we have, Congress is expected to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on expensive pork projects we don't need.

Read more about these misplaced priorities and what you can do about it.

Last updated 10.15.14


Iowa Chapter Information Documents:

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Iowa Chapter Transportation Initiatives

Expanding Rail in Iowa for Passengers and Freight

Successful Protection of Iowa’s Natural Areas from Destruction by Highway Road Construction

Chapter Policy on Biofuels

Transportation Pollution


Build more fuel-efficient cars here

See an opinion piece published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette by Pam Mackey-Taylor, Chapter Transportation chair.



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