The Iowa Chapter held its Annual Dinner, Awards Celebration and Silent Auction on October 31 at the Steeplegate Inn in Davenport.  


Kathryn Allen, Sheri Colman and Kristen Bergren greeted guests at the Annual Dinner, Awards Celebration and Silent Auction.




Iowa Chapter Chair Jerry Neff served as master of ceremonies.










After dinner, Gene Meeker, Davenport's 

Alderman at Large, served as keynote speaker.  

He talked about what Davenport is doing as a 

Cool City and other environmental projects 

the city is tackling.







And the award goes to...



Lyle Krewson received the Distinguished Service Award for his many years of faithful service as the Iowa Chapter lobbyist.   Lyle helped the Chapter organize and participate in lobby days and coached members on legislation and how to approach legislators.   He assisted the Chapter every election year in analyzing candidates for the legislature, their probability of being elected and determining if they should receive the Chapter’s endorsements.  Lyle represented the Sierra Club at Legislative Roundtable meetings held with our environmental partners throughout the legislative sessions.  Lyle also provided the Sierra Club’s Iowa PAC Committees insight into the legislative races which led to expenditure of the PAC funds. Jane Clark nominated Lyle and presented the award to him.

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a Sierra Club member who has shown service to the Club over a number of years. This is the Iowa Chapter’s highest award. 



Lyle Krewson received the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club Distinguished Service award for his support of sustainable land use and opposition to development plans.  Iowa Chapter Vice Chair Jane Clark presented the award.




Sheri Colman of the Eagle View Group received the Sierra Club Activist Award for 2009.  Sheri has been a member of the Eagle View Group Executive Committee for many years and during that time she has been Outings Leader, a member of the Environmental Film Fest Committee, a protester of the proposed hog processing plant in an East Moline wetland and has helped or chaired most of the Group's conservation work.

During the past 12 months, Sheri has organized a Sierra Club Water Sentinels Group in the Quad Cities which has generated interest in water quality.  As a result of Sheri's actions, Sierra Club members and non-members are volunteering to sample area streams and take an inventory of wetlands in the Illinois Quad City area.

Sheri has always gone above and beyond our expectations with her environmental enthusiasm, whether working on the newsletter or organizing an event.  I believe Sheri is an excellent candidate for the Chapter's Activist Award.  Jerry Neff nominated Sheri and presented the award to her.

The Activist Award is presented to a member who has served the Club in any capacity during the past year in a way that greatly promoted the goals and purposes of the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club.

Sheri Colman (right) was presented with the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club’s Activist Award.  Jerry Neff, Iowa Chapter Chair, presented the award at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting  and Awards Celebration.  



PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD PRESENTED TO City of Council Bluffs Solid Waste Management

Tony Fiala, Recycling Supervisor with the Solid Waste Management Division of the City of Council Bluffs Public Health Department, received the Public Service Award.  A representative of Fiala's division served on the RAGBRAI planning committee. The City successfully applied for a grant to purchase recycling containers for the RAGBRAI camp site.  During RAGBRAI's overnight stay in Council Bluffs, a recycling container was placed near every trash container and there were many.  The City also had a card board recycling truck on the site.  Young people were hired to police the site for recyclable materials.  All the collected materials were sent to their shorting station to be sold.  Recycling trucks were in plain sight all around the camp grounds.  None of the other overnight towns on RAGBRAI's route showed signs of recycling efforts.  Glenn Pollock nominated Tony for the award.  Neither could attend the presentation.

The Public Service Award recognizes a legislative or governmental employee or appointee who has contributed significantly to environmental issues directly affecting Iowa.



Dallas County Neighbors Matt Peters and Jim Thompson received the Grassroots Award for their efforts in trying to stop the construction of two large hog confinement operations that would impact water quality in their watershed.  They gathered evidence of the environmental impact that these two CAFOs would have.  They presented this evidence to the Dallas County Board of Supervisors and convinced the Supervisors that the construction permits should be denied, even though the CAFOs passed the Master Matrix.  When the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) approved the permit, the Dallas County Neighbors worked on the difficult task of convincing the Supervisors to appeal the DNR decision.  At first the supervisors were reluctant, but through the efforts of the neighbors, the supervisors voted to appeal the decision to the Environmental Protection Commission.  The neighbors then made an outstanding presentation to the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC).  For the first time ever, the EPC denied a construction permit on environmental grounds.  Ultimately the permit was granted after the Iowa Attorney General failed to support the Environmental Protection Commission’s decision.  However, what the Dallas County neighbors did was an outstanding example of grassroots work.  Iowa Chapter Legal Chair Wally Taylor nominated Matt and Jim who could not attend the presentation due to harvest season.  

The Grassroots Activist Award may be presented to an individual whose contributions have resulted in significant change regarding the environment in a local community.


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