Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge depends on YOU!

On May 25, 2006, the House of Representatives approved by a narrow margin (225-201) to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While this was the strongest pro-Refuge showing in recent years it was little more than a stunt to give the impression Congress was actually doing something about high-energy costs.

Congress already insulted us by a proposal to give everyone $100 to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling. How will Americans really feel to learn Congress has wasted precious time calling for provisions to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that according to the Department of Energy, will save us only about a penny per gallon at the pump in 20 years! Are you willing to allow this priceless wilderness to be destroyed for a penny a gallon over 20 years? Oil leases on the North Slope are only $50 an acre while taxpayers pay for all roads on public lands. Another sweet deal for BIG OIL COMPANIES!

Iowa Sierra Club members have many opportunities to preserve the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We can cut gas consumption by driving 55 mph and organizing more productive vehicle trips. We can make energy conservation a centerpiece of our lives. Reducing energy consumption would lessen the demand for oil and eliminate the excuse to drill in our last remaining wild places.

But we need to do more than conserve our own energy use. While oil companies are earning record high profits, the majority in Congress is working to give them even more profits by drilling in the Arctic Refuge instead of promoting new, renewable, sustainable energy sources. To become informed about Arctic drilling and related energy issues sign up for our Iowa Topics listserve by contacting neila.seaman@sierraclub.org.

The Sierra Club is a partner with the Alaska Coalition. To receive the latest developments on Arctic Refuge drilling proposals contact Lois Norrgard, Regional Organizer, Alaska Coalition at ph/fax: 952-881-7282 or e-mail lois@alaskacoalition.org.

To educate others about the controversy surrounding drilling in the Arctic Refuge you can borrow a DVD of "Oil on Ice" or "Being Caribou" from the Sierra Club office in Des Moines. Contact Neila Seaman, Director, Sierra Club, Iowa Chapter at 515-277-8868 or neila.seaman@sierraclub.org.

Become an Alaska Wilderness leader and join wilderness activists from around the country at the Alaska Wilderness Week, a 4-day training and advocacy conference held in Washington, DC. This event is hosted by leading conservation organizations including the Sierra Club. The next Alaska Wilderness Week is scheduled for Saturday, September 9--Wednesday, September 13, 2006. To apply, complete the Alaska Wilderness Week application at: http://www.alaskawild.org/takeaction_wildernessweek.html.   Space is limited so apply now.

Make those calls, write those letters, educate yourself and others and become involved. It is certain what will happen if you do nothing.